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Let’s protect the environment with Save the Planet

A small gesture to preserve the environment – this year, in collaboration with Save the Planet Association, we decided to act in favour of the common good. 

As Gruppo Miorelli Hotels, we are proud to introduce the "Save the Planet Onlus" project, a set of real solutions to help our planet and protect nature.
We wanted to show concrete support to this project – let us show you how!

Why we chose Save the Planet

 Save the Planet's projects address three specific issues: climate change, global diseases, and ecological catastrophes.
Some of their projects aim to protect the fragile ecosystem of the Orbetello Lagoon, the reforestation of the Ticino park, as well as offering support for the Rainha Dos Apostolos agricultural institute in Manaus, in the Brazilian Amazon, where new generations are studying cultivation techniques that respect the rainforest ecosystem.
These are all important actions to help our increasingly fragile Planet Earth.
We will support these projects by wearing "The North Garda Feeling" organic cotton t-shirts, together with our team. 

“The North Garda Feeling” t-shirts

We will support these projects by wearing "The North Garda Feeling" organic cotton t-shirts, together with our team. 
The t-shirts are available in men's, women's and children's models, in all sizes.You can also do your part, by purchasing t-shirts on our online shop right now. Of course, you will also find them at the hotel, to wear during your holidays, or to take home as a souvenir!

Other actions to preserve the environment

By definition, tourism has a considerable impact on the environment, which is why we decided to join forces with "Save the Planet", and implement other "Eco-friendly" measures in our hotels.

 Here is what we did to reduce the environmental impact of our actions:
  • During breakfast, we minimized the presence of products in single dose packaging;
  • the water served at meals is micro filtered, and from this year bottled water is not in plastic but in tetrapack;
  • rooms are sanitized with a steam machine, able to sanitize 100% while respecting the environment;
  • in most spaces we implemented home automation, allowing us to save precious energy resources such as methane and electricity;
  • our windows allow maximum insulation and therefore minimum heat dispersion;
  • since last year our cocktails have been served with cardboard straws...and much more!

These are just some of the many choices we make every day, to help preserve the environment. We wish to invite you to collaborate with us, so that our children can have a better world.

We’ll be waiting for you in our 15,000 square meters of park, for your relaxing holiday on Lake Garda!