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How to organize an international wedding in Italy

We all know Italy is the most beautiful country in the world, attracting millions of visitors from abroad every year. Many Europeans and non-Europeans also choose our country to celebrate their love: perhaps because they live and work here, or simply because here they have found the perfect location for an unforgettable wedding.

So, how do you organize an international wedding in Italy?

Which law should you refer to for a wedding in Italy?

First of all, foreigners who wish to get married in Italy may choose to celebrate their wedding in compliance with the laws of the country of their citizenship, or according to Italian law. In the first case, they will have to contact their country’s diplomatic or consular authority; otherwise, they should get in touch with a registry office, or with a Catholic or non-Catholic minister of worship.

Marriage according to Italian law

If they opt to get married according to Italian law, foreigners are subject to conditions in accordance with the Italian legal system. It is therefore necessary to verify that there are no impediments provided for by the civil code – including interdiction, impediments to marriage, kinship and affinity that cannot be dispensed with, crime, temporary prohibition of new marriages. The minimum age limit must also be respected – it is set at 18 years old, or 16 with authorization

Documents needed to get married in Italy

To start the marriage proceedings, it is necessary that at least one of the two people planning to marry visits the Civil Status Office of their municipality of residence, to provide the spouses’ personal info. The office will then request all the necessary documentation. Once this has been done, the spouses must contact the Municipality to set the date of the publications – once a date has been set, both people must be physically present to sign the request.

Wedding publications for foreigners

With the publications, the couple inform the community of their intention to get married, so that those who are aware of any impediments can come forward. The publications will be on display for 8 days in the registers of the municipalities of residence of both spouses. The personal details of the couple and the place where they will get married will be indicated. The wedding can be celebrated from three days after the end of the publications, within the following 180 days.

The interpreter for the ceremony

If both spouses are foreign nationals and do not know Italian, they must be assisted by an interpreter at the time of presentation of the documents, as well as during the request for publications and celebration of the marriage.

Types of wedding in Italy

There are three types of wedding in Italy – civil wedding, celebrated before a civil registrar, religious wedding, celebrated before a minister of Catholic worship, and provided by the concordat, celebrated before the minister of Catholic worship but regularly included in the civil register.

Dreaming and organizing a “made in Italy” wedding

In addition to dream locations, villages and castles, getting married in Italy means combining these magical places with Italian hospitality, and the excellent flavours of the local cuisine.

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