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Holidays on Lake Garda with your dog

More and more people are choosing not to leave their furry friend at home when going on holiday. It has become common practice to bring pets along on when leaving for a journey, allowing them to experience the thrill of traveling and discovering new places. However, there are not many hotels in Italy equipped to accommodate four-legged guests. Astoria Park Hotel is proud to be a pet friendly hotel, with a whole range of services dedicated to small and medium-sized dogs... and not only that, we have also hosted a few cats!

1 - Dog-bar

Guests of Astoria Park Hotel come from all over Italy and Europe. They often have to cover very long distances by car to get to us, and their little furry friends have to do the same. Indeed, for them, the journey can be even more intense, because they are not used to being stuck for a long time in the confined spaces of a car. We know that hydration is very important to ensure a pet’s wellbeing on a journey. For this reason, at the entrance of our hotel we set up a space with bowls of fresh, clean water. We call it the "Dog-bar", because we like to think of it as a real refreshment corner.

2 - Access to the park

Just like a large garden, our park - over 1.5 hectares in size - is open to pets on a leash. You can walk along tree-lined avenues in the company of your furry friends, appreciating the beauty of nature and the mild climate of Lake Garda with them. Of course, like any good parent, you will have to make sure that your 'little one' behaves well and doesn’t leave any “souvenirs” behind. We can provide bags if needed!

3 - Welcome kit

We want your stay at Astoria Park Hotel to be an unforgettable experience, for both furry and human friends. This is why we thought of a welcome gift that will make your life easier, and your pet really happy. Upon arrival at the hotel, you will find a kit including many useful things for your stay. First of all, a sign to hang outside your room, to indicate that your dog is inside alone - ​​in this way our housekeeping staff will know exactly how to behave. It will also include a large pillow where your dog can lie, a water bowl, so that you won't have to remember to bring it from home, and a buffalo skin bone to munch on. There is also a set of bags with a bag holder for whenever they’re needed!

4 - Some quick rules

In the section above, we mention that pets are allowed to access the park and the outdoor swimming pool only if they are on a leash. However, it is not possible to access the restaurants and spa with them. However, we are sure that your furry friends will gladly leave you alone for a few hours of freedom before going back to running and playing with you!We also apply a small daily charge for each pet - a small contribution that allows us to offer them the best possible service.