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Getting married in 2021: wedding trends

In 2021, the desire to celebrate love continues. In this article, we will tell you all about new wedding trends, with special attention to the safety and comfort of guests.

Not even a pandemic can stop love. For this reason, in 2021 Astoria Resort will keep standing alongside couples who love each other and who choose to celebrate their union in our rooms and in our garden. Here, we’d like to share some ideas on how to make your celebration unique and unforgettable.

1) Outdoor wedding

Astoria Resort is ready to welcome you in its lush park, among palm trees, olive trees and pomegranates. We have over 15,000 square meters at your disposal, surrounded by the nature of Garda Trentino. Many couples have already chosen our park to celebrate their love. What conquered them was the sense of freedom and proximity to nature, but also the services offered by our resort. Remember that you can also choose Astoria to celebrate a symbolic wedding or to renew your vows among olive groves and ancient trees.

2) Intimate ceremonies

Whoever said a wedding must be crowded? An intimate wedding is the choice of many couples that want to celebrate their love even in times of social distancing. It may sound like a fallback, but it is not: an intimate wedding allows you to take care of every detail of the ceremony and reception, while dedicating the right time to each guest. This is best way to leave an unforgettable memory in the hearts of all your guests.

3) Green & eco wedding

If you love nature and respect the environment, you might wish to consider a green eco chic wedding. The location of Astoria Resort, surrounded by unspoiled nature, will certainly be an inspiration for you and your guests. To make your party more sustainable, for example, you could choose to wear clothes made with natural fabrics, asking your guests to do the same. For the reception, you could opt for a zero kilometer menu, with organic ingredients purchased from small local producers, while making use of organic and biodegradable materials, pallets, and fun accessories.

4) Midweek wedding

Another growing trend is that of midweek weddings. The advantages are many - first of all, it is necessary to book with much less advance notice compared to a weekend; the costs for services are generally lower (musicians, photographers, planners, transport); and if you choose a day in the second half of the week, you will have the whole weekend to rest and recover from the festivities. Have we convinced you?

5) Table service and single portions

Table service is very popular with our customers in this period, allowing you to celebrate in complete safety with maximum comfort for the couple and their guests. Once they are seated at the table, your guests will only have to think about enjoying the reception. Our dining room staff will take care of everything, making each guest feel special. And, to round off the party, remember that our desserts are available in practical individual single portions by Gardafoodie.

6) Personalized menu for vegans and people with allergies

The current situation has made us go back to the essentials, even regarding food, which is why more and more people are showing a desire to eat in a conscious and balanced way. The kitchen of Astoria Resort is ready to respond to any request, even the most specific. We can provide menus dedicated to vegans and people with allergies, with ingredients selected to be compatible with any diet. Based on the indications of the spouses, we can serve special menus for the entire reception, or only to individual guests.

These and many other options are available for you for a wedding in 2021. Astoria Wedding is at your complete disposal to organize a fairytale reception!