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Experiencing ‘white-glove’ service

Summer is near and Astoria Park Hotel is preparing to welcome you with "White-gloves" services. Find out why.

I grew up in the hospitality world, and when I was a child I remember my parents telling me how important it was to create an impeccable atmosphere in the restaurant we passionately ran.My father always used to say “we have to offer white-glove service to our guests”. At first I did not see what he meant, but then I understood. White gloves were the symbol of respect for our guests, they were a way of saying "I’m taking care of you" in a clear and natural way.
During this time, his words came back to me, so I decided that the reopening of our Astoria Park Hotel will be based on this philosophy.Summer 2020 is almost here, and for many reasons it will be different from the usual. We are getting ready to welcome you with new measures to ensure that your stay is pleasant, relaxing but above all, peaceful.That's why we would like to inform you about every little detail you will find in each area:

Rooms and Suites

All rooms of Astoria Park Hotel, especially the brand new Suites and Junior Suites, are large and bright, with plenty of space. Surrounded by our wonderful park, you’ll be sure to enjoy silence, peace and a special feeling of ‘natural exclusivity’. The interiors and outdoor spaces, such as balconies and terraces, offer unique comforts and services.For example, in some rooms you’ll find an outdoor sauna. Nice, right? 

Safe & Happy Kit

Access to the room is via magnetic keys, which are always sanitized. Upon your arrival, you will also receive a courtesy kit with disinfectant wipes.

Park & Outdoor Spaces

In our park, 15,000 square meters in size, everyone can find their own harmony and space in a sort of safe parallel world, away from everything else. It’s a world of Mediterranean nature, days spent relaxing by the pool, and smiles... the shortest distance between two people!

Breakfast & Restaurant

Of course, catering will also be a little different. In the morning, breakfast will be offered ‘a la carte’. You can choose between a traditional Italian breakfast, where you will find a variety of Gardafoodie sweets and jams, an international breakfast with eggs and savoury delights, or alternatively a healthy option, with freshly extracted juices, yogurt and fruit.Romantics will love the idea of our ‘breakfast / lunch boxes’, to be collected and eaten comfortably surrounded by nature in our park.

Sanitation and Common Areas

Our "green" philosophy involves sanitizing common spaces and all hotel surfaces with the use of steam at 160°C, removing germs while respecting the environment.Our housekeeper Maria Rosa and Giulio, our Quality Manager, will check different areas around the hotel every day. Rooms are thoroughly sanitized with steam and specific certified products.

Our “Private” Spa

Our outdoor pools and Social Spa will be open as always. In swimming pools, the presence of chlorine prevents the virus from spreading through the water, while in the sauna and Turkish hammam, high temperature and humidity make its survival impossible.In any case, we will regulate access to the Spa allowing only a limited number of people at a time, to guarantee maximum relaxation and enforce correct social distancing rules.

Who is our quality Manager

For us, quality has always been important! For this reason, we have included a Quality Manager in the AstoriaTeam. From this year, Giulio will be responsible for everything regarding quality from A to Z, especially in this period, during which we raised and perfected our standards to guarantee you an even more peaceful stay.

Astoria Team

Of course, the rest of the Astoria Team is getting ready so that everything goes smoothly. You will see our smile as always, and this year you will experience something that can best be defined as… white-glove service! We hope that you are starting to feel like a holiday – don’t forget that we and our beautiful Lake Garda are waiting for you - you should see how beautiful it is this time of year, glistening in the sun!Vanessa Miorelli and the Astoria Team
Have you already booked your 2020 stay on Lake Garda? Call us for any information!