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5 location for a Lake Garda wedding + a surprise!

There, where the lake gets narrow, where the blue of the water meets the burnished grey of the mountains, that’s where Garda Trentino begins. If you are looking for a wedding location that combines beauty, hospitality and tradition, this is the right place for you.

There are many places that Garda administrations open up to those who, like you, want to exchange the promise of eternal love here, between lakes and mountains. You can choose between century-old buildings, but also romantic beaches, or majestic forts.

Which one will be the perfect location for your dream wedding?

1 - Palazzo Giuliani in Arco

Palazzo Giuliani is the 15th-century residence of the Counts of Arco, located in the centre of the small Garda town, and now housing the municipal historical archive. Weddings and civil unions are celebrated on the first floor, in the stunning Santoni room, richly decorated with frescoes on all walls. The large terrace overlooking the square is what makes this location really special – it’s the ideal place to welcome your guests for refreshments, before or after the ceremony.

2 – Municipal Casino in Arco

A former meeting place and entertainment for Central European noble families, nowadays the Municipal Casino in Arco is used for conferences and events. The famous empress Elisabeth of Austria, better known as Sissi, stayed here in 1889. If you love Liberty style, stucco decorations and airy windows, you can decide to get married here. You can choose between different rooms, depending on the number of your guests. Would you like background music? Then we can help you find an orchestra to play in the delightful outdoor gazebo.

3 - Palazzo Martini in Riva del Garda

Palazzo Martini is one of the most fascinating historical residences in RIVA DEL GARDA. It was built in the 18th century by the Moscardini family, then passed on to the family whose name it now bears, and recently it was acquired by the municipal administration. It also contains a small sixty-seat theatre. Weddings are celebrated on the main floor, in rooms decorated with mythological frescoes. It’s a truly elegant setting for a ceremony reminiscent of the past. Or would rather get married in a fortress? Opt for the Rocca di Riva and read more about it in the post: THE MOST BEAUTIFUL CASTLES FOR A WEDDING IN ALTO GARDA.

4 - Olivi Beach in Riva del Garda

In 1934, Giancarlo Maroni, famous for having planned the Vittoriale degli Italiani in Gardone, designed a modern bathhouse for Riva del Garda, a futuristic idea at the time. Directly overlooking the lake, Olivi Beach is a wonderful wedding venue, romantic and at the same time spectacular. If you choose to get married here, you will associate the scenic image of the lake to your love story forever.

5 - Forte Alto in Torbole

On December 21th, 1869, the Austro-Hungarian Ministry of War ordered the construction of a robust fortress to guard the southern borders of the empire. Since then, the Forte Alto in Torbole has stood at the entrance of the road that connects Alto Garda to Vallagarina. Now its function has changed and, if you want, you can rent out the spaces on the upper floor to celebrate your wedding. This is a place rich in history and beauty, witness of the past and symbol of hope for the future.So, does anything tickle your fancy? If that’s not the case, why don’t you organize a symbolic ceremony in the Astoria Park Hotel park?

5 locations + 1! Your symbolic ceremony in the Astoria Park Hotel in Riva del Garda

If you are looking for a welcoming space, surrounded by nature but a stone's throw from the city, remember that Astoria Park Hotel Spa Resort is not just a historic hotel on the lake, but also an enchanting wedding location. The park surrounding the structure can host the exchange of wedding vows - a symbolic ceremony, but with strong emotional value. For your reception, the professionalism, competence and experience of the whole ASTORIA WEDDING team will be at your disposal.